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I set up Cryptocurrency Prices to help people better understand the relative values of cryptocurrencies. I don't want anyone to waste their money and I want it to be as easy as possible for people to make sensible, informed decisions when buying alt coins. The site pulls price data from Coin Market Cap once per hour, then lets you add different filters to play with the numbers. Click on an individual crypto for more options.

When I first got into crypto, I went straight into alt coins and looked purely at the price of an individual coin/token, without looking at how many were in circulation. I bought a load of Siacoin thinking "man, if this just hits $1, I'll be rich". That was extremely naive. For Sia to hit $1 it would have a market cap of $28,499,310,72, which is 48.17% of Bitcoin's current Market Cap (at the time of writing). That's more than the GDP of Iceland.

I think most people who have been in crypto for a while understand that you need to look at market cap rather than current price, but there wasn't really a tool to easily analyse a crypto's value and compare it to another crypto.

Additionally, current market cap completely neglects total supply, where there may be millions or even billions of coins locked away, which dilute the real value of the currency and should be included in any assessment of a market cap. If you view the homepage by Total Supply rather than Current Circulation you will see how some crypto's shoot up in market cap. Ripple is the highest profile coin with a huge non-circulating supply of coins. It has a circulating supply of 38,352,642,160 XRP but a total supply 99,994,515,438 XRP, meaning you need to multiply their current market cap by 2.6 to find the coin's true market cap.

You will also see some complete unknown coins rocketing up the leaderboard. At the time of writing, Veritaseum has a circulating supply of 2,010,451 but a total supply of 100,000,000. Nearly FIFTY times the size. That takes it from a displayed market cap of $246,441,136 on Coin Market Cap, to a market cap of $12,258,000,00; nearly 4x that of NEO, which itself has twice the actual supply of coins as are in circulation.... As you can see, it all gets pretty complicated.

About Me

This is a one man site. My name's Mike and I've been a self employed internet guy for my whole working life. I've only been in Crypto since June 2017 and bought in at the very top of the peak that month.

If you'd like to follow me on Steemit, here is my profile. I will be blogging about Crypto Prices but other stuff too, if I get enough followers. I am a semi-professional MMA gambler and I run Bet MMA, so I may also start blogging about MMA betting advice.

My major investment is BAT. I can tell you this is an incredibly positive project for the internet as a whole, but obviously, specifically online advertising. I also hold OMG, Walton and my second biggest position is actually a very small cap token called CryptoInsight (TKR) which you can get on HitBTC. It's basically going to be like blockfolio but for desktop (and mobile), with loads of machine learning indicators of when is good to buy and sell. DYOR but these are my top investments at the moment. :)

Any donations are greatly appreciated. If I've helped you identify an under-valued crypto or stopped you investing in one with a huge non-circulating coin supply, feel free to send me a dollar :)

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