My Altcoin Cryptocurrency Investments

This is my personal list of what I think are good altcoin cryptocurrency investments and reasons why I have invested in them. This isn't investment advice, I'm not telling you to invest in them. I'm just explaining the reasoning why I have picked certain coins and tokens to invest in.

Hopefully this list will have something of interest for both people new to crypto and seasoned investors. You may be interested in different alt coins to me but I'll run you through WHY I like the ones I like.

I personally like altcoins and tokens which are more than just a cryptocurrency. I like them to have a utility and to be difficult to replicate. I am most interested in projects with a good team that will deliver on the promises... You will hear a lot of promises from a lot of people in crypto, yet most projects will fizzle away to nothing and lose their investors a lot of money. You can make money based on hype in the short term but long term, the following are my picks to actually stick around for the long term.

My Top Crypto Altcoins


Basic Attention Token
BAT is roughly 60% of my portfolio.
Trade on Binance and Bittrex.

My number 1 investment is in Basic Attention Token (BAT).

BAT is initially a digital advertising based token but long term has much grander plans. BAT runs in conjunction with the Brave browser (download here). Brave is a privacy focussed browser and blocks all ads and trackers by default. Where BAT comes in is that you as a user will be able to opt-in to view a couple of ads a day and get paid in BAT for doing so. You will receive 70% of whatever the advertiser paid. BAT have stated that they have many "premium" companies signed up for ad trials, so my guess is that you'll get ~$1 to show you a short video ad, meaning a couple of dollars per day earning for you, just for browsing the internet. This ad integration is targetted for around March 2018.

You will be able to cash out those earnings if you like but the BAT / Brave team view this source of income to you as part of a virtuous circle... The Brave browser already has "micro-donations" integrated. If you are familiar with Patreon it's a bit like that but you don't actually have to put any money in yourself if you're earning it through watching ads. You can donate small amounts of money to your favourite websites, youtubers, twitch broadcasters etc, all automatically through the browser using a monthly budget.

The pace of progress displayed by this team (imo) out-strips basically everyone else in crypto. With MOST crypto investments, one of the main worries you have is whether the team will actually deliver what they say they're going to do. There is absolutely no worry on that front with BAT. The lead guy behind the project is Brendan Eich, who invented Javascript in 10 days and was co-founder of Mozilla and the Firefox browser. Aside from him, they have a heavy hitting team of people who have worked at Yahoo, Google etc... This is not a couple of chancers who have lucked their way into millions of dollars by starting an ICO. This is as heavyweight a team as you are going to get.

And yet they are still under the radar in terms of an investment because I don't think people get the potential scale of the project. The digital advertising industry will be worth an estimated $280 billion per year in 2018, with the vast majority taken up by Google and Facebook ads. The thing is, neither of those work very well. I speak from personal experience here. I used to spend hundreds of dollars a month on advertising and got good results up until maybe 4 years ago when new business generated from ads has basically shrivelled up to nothing due to ad blockers and ad fraud. I have personally completely given up on paid ads and am waiting for BAT / Brave to get the advertising part of their product to market so I can start paying for ads again. This industry is 100% ripe for a makeover. Brendan has already revolutionized the entire internet TWICE. Brave and BAT combined, imo, have the potential to do that again.

I view this project as extremely unique and very, very difficult to replicate for any other company due to the level of skill and experience possessed by the team. I sometimes see people saying Google could copy it. Google will not replicate a pay-to-view ads model because it would mean giving away a huge % of their profits. To give away 70% of ad revenue like Brave, just to make that a break even proposition they would have to increase their current revenue by over 300%.

In terms of the price of the token, there are lots of reasons I see it increasing. It is already in use, which is more than can be said for the vast majority of crypto ICOs but it's actually the way that the economy works, in terms of spreading small amounts of BAT all over the internet, which made me most bullish on the project in terms of price increase.

Basically I see the BAT economy as completely unique within crypto. It has a closed economy, where only this one token can be used and yet there will be a built in, constant stream of FIAT coming into that economy from advertisers, whilst simultaneously the circulating supply of BAT will be decreasing each month.

Brave has over a million active montly users and they're targetting 5-10m for next year. Let's say by late summer next year 1 million people opt in to view ads and earn 50 BAT each on average per month. At current prices that would be $11,500,000 in advertising spend per month (0.05% of the total online advertising market) with $11.50 earned per person. Obviously you can adjust the number of people opting in and the amount they'd earn up and down but let's work with those simple numbers.

That's 50,000,000 BAT (3% of BAT's total supply) getting thinly spread over those 1 million people.
The majority of those people will then donate their "earned" BAT to websites.There will be crossover between the users visiting the same sites (reddit, Facebook etc), but let's say there are 500,000 different websites all receiving a small amount of BAT each month. In order to cash out earnings, a website has to reach $100 of earnings or 400 BAT at current prices. Lots and lots of those websites will never reach $100 worth of BAT to be able to claim it. Lots of other websites will just let their BAT earnings accumulate over time.
Ultimately that means a huge spread of BAT across the internet. The analogy I like is that it's getting lost down the back of the sofa cushions of the internet.

Because BAT is a fixed supply (1.5 billion tokens) in a closed economy (you can only use BAT in the Brave browser & it's economy), if you remove 3% of the total supply from circulation every month and spread it across millions of website yet only have a small % of that BAT coming back into the economy with people cashing out, it increases scarcity and therefore increases the price. It is effectively a 3% token burn EVERY MONTH.

3% of the total supply in reality is probably 6% of the tokens people are willing to sell, because e.g. half of BAT will be locked up by people hodling it as an investment. That would mean even if you had a net zero people purchasing BAT as an investment on exchanges, the price should go up 6% each month just from those tokens being taken out of circulation.

As well as the virtual token burn each month, that $11.5m in BAT which advertisers buy each month has to come from somewhere. At current prices, that's 638 Bitcoin worth of purchases. Imagine what a 638 Bitcoin buy wall would would do to the price of BAT on the exchanges. Right now a 5 Bitcoin "wall" is enough to move the price up and down by 5% on Bittrex.

Also, as the price goes up and the awareness of the project goes up, you will attract a net increase in speculative investors, meaning the price goes up much faster and more and more people just want to hold, further reducing the actual circulating supply. I expect the price of BAT to steadily rise before the advertising part of the project is even realeased but once that does come out, I expect the price of BAT to get out of control within a year.

For most cryptos a run-away price movement would mean the concept failed to work as a cryptocurrency - i.e. in the same way BTC has now just become a "store of value" rather than an actual digital currency for buying stuff. That issue would not affect BAT because advertisers would be buying ad space with Dollars. They will pay e.g. $1 per ad display and not care about the value of BAT. The person viewing the ad in return would just get a fraction of 1 BAT instead of 3-4 BAT at current prices and because they got it for free and know they can get more for free next month, they will be more likely to give a percentage of that BAT away to content producers online... Either that or just hold it as a speculative investment. Either way it spreads out the circulating supply of BAT even more thinly and takes more out of circulation, which continues to inflate the price.

There is also the small matter of Coinbase adding more assets next year, of which BAT is likely to be one. Brian, the founder of Coinbase has mentioned BAT specifically in the past and there is also an "advisor" on the BAT team from Coinbase. When any crypto gets added to Coinbase, be it BAT or anything else, the price will skyrocket.



Crypto Insight
TKR is roughly 15% of my portfolio.
Trade on HitBTC as an ETH pair

My second largest investment is CryptoInsight (TKR), which is my (very) low cap punt.

I would assume that you are looking for cryptos which will give you 10x gains. I certainly want that. If you want that to happen with Bitcoin, you're looking at $170,000 per bitcoin at time of writing. You can do the math on any other crypto you're looking at. My punt is on CryptoInsight, currently ranked 596th with a market cap of $842,000. A 10x would mean a market cap of $8.5 million, which would rank it around 350th. That's still basically nothing. To reach the top 100 would mean a 100x return on investment. aka $500 becomes $50,000. Note: me posting this here will increase the price so check the current market cap here.

So what actually is it? Well, it's a tracking and trading prediction platform. Think Blockfolio but if it actually told you what was good to trade and when. Another platform trying to do the same thing is called Ethos (ETHOS). Ethos has a market cap of nearly $100,000,000 - aka 112x the price at the time of writing. Ethos, as far as I'm aware, hasn't actually released anything at all yet. CryptoInsight already has a working mobile app and released their first Desktop app on 24th December.Check them out - they're both well designed and work well. Download here.

Going forward, users will be able to do things like set portfolios that other people can follow and receive tips / subscriptions from other users if those portfolios go well. There will be machine learning prediction models based on past trading trends and also social media bot crawlers. There will be alerts based on RSI, MacD, trading volume etc. Basically it will teach you how to trade well; some of which will be free and some of which will be paid for using the TKR token.

This is my only low cap investment and I've chosen this token because I like the way the devs talk. They're clearly very technically capable and they also communicate well with the community. They're also clearly very enthusiastic about the project and as mentioned above, they're actually getting stuff done and released as a working product. Check out their discord chat and blog to make your own mind up.

It is also worth noting that if you hold TKR, the team plan to airdrop a signficant % of income generated from the app, back to you as a TKR holder - basically like a dividend system for investors.


Omise Go
OMG is roughly 10% of my portfolio.
Trade on Binance and Bittrex.
Omise is a South-East Asian company which already offered payment gateway solutions for large multinational companies. They are now diversifying into peer to peer payments with their Omise Go brand. It is currently an Ethereum ERC 20 token but they do plan to move to their own blockchain.

Again, this is another project with a functioning product, which is more than "just" a digital currency. A surprisingly high percentage of people in Asia do not have a bank account and combining that fact with that the Omise team already have lots of connections to big business (such as McDonalds, where you can already use OMG to pay in Thailand), I view it as another project with great long term potential. Probably 90% of cryptos will just fizzle out to nothing, so for me, picking ones which are most likely to succeed long term is very important.


Omise Go
LTC and ETH are ~10% of my portfolio.
Trade on Coinbase, Binance, Bittrex... Basically everywhere.
Personally, I am not really any more or less interested in these two cryptos than many others - it is purely because they are on Coinbase. Because these are currently the only two altcoins on Coinbase, they are likely to receive constant and signficant investment from people new to cryptocurrency, given that Coinbase is most people's first foot in the door.

In terms of their fundamentals, Litecoin is "just" a currency, so I view that as easily replicable, albeit I do think Charlie Lee does a good job with it. Ethereum obviously is the daddy of all platform cryptos, with a huge number of ERC20 tokens on it, giving it intrinsic value. However, again that is an extremely competitive marketplace. EOS will likely be coming out next year, which supposedly will offer a huge upgrade on Ethereum in terms of transactions per minute and cost per transaction. It is yet to be seen whether that will actually happen but there WILL be many, many platforms trying to steal Ethereum's thunder going forward. Stratis, Ark, Ubiq, EOS, NEO... That's just a few off the top of my head and many more will emerge. Maybe LTC and ETH will just "do a Bitcoin" and keep going up in value but I am definitely cautious and will likely duck out at some point to find something more under-valued.


Other Cryptos
Other Cryptos for 5-10%
Other cryptos I hold are Walton, NEO, Bitcoin Cash, EOS and a little Ethos.

Walton is the only one of these I really care about. Their project is basically combining the blockchain with RFID tags (small microchips that can store data, which are added to shipping or products like clothes / food etc). Tracking of products in this way significantly increases efficiency and therefore productivity for those who use the system. Walton have also said payments can be handled directly using the microchips, which has huge potential for the future of tech. You've probably heard tech tv shows talking about how one day your refrigerator will be able to see what food you have, when it goes out of date and order you more / let you know via e.g. an app on your phone. That's basically what this tech is.

NEO & EOS I hold a small amount of because potentially they could take off and become a competitor to Ethereum. That would see their price rise based on pure speculation. At the moment both projects' values are driven by hype not any real working product, which I don't like.... That doesn't mean you can't make money from hype though.

Bitcoin cash I don't care about one way or another but their mining has increases and decreases in difficulty which sees the price pump up and down a lot. They also have vocal advocates and I think BCH will see at least a 2x pump at some point in the fairly near future, which will be driven by nothing more than fear of missing out. It will also be added to Coinbase, which will see significant price fluctuation and I believe ultimately will increase the price.




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